Coming up with anything truly signifigant to add here is a bit of a challenge, but I will mention a few core things about myself.

I've inhabited this earth for 16 years and have a large variety of interests. I've yet to completely master any, but I want to work towards something eventually!

I value my own privacy, so I don't expect to share much other than my thoughts and opinions on things, and my own personal creations. I'm slowly trying to open up a little more, but I'm still a little cautious! I like to consider myself a friendly person despite the cautiousness though.

As far as interests are concerned, I love music. I have a habit for collecting CDs, those of which I love dearly, I have two cats whom I adore, and recently I've been recently enamoured by technology and coding, specifically in HTML, CSS and a bit of Java. My current special interest is most definietly David Bowie too. I very much enjoy the outdoors, but my love for coding and being online is funnily enough something that takes me away from it.

I've been obsessed with songwriting lately, and I really do enjoy writing lyrics to songs that I think will only ever play out in my head.

A cool thing that is new and should be known! As of May 10th, 2021, I have officially been diagnosed with ADHD and ASD. Very epic and cool if you ask me.