The discussion of my cats is something that I feel is special and sacred. I care for their own safety and privacy just as much as my own, as at this point they are beings I view as devine in their own way. I don't plan on showing any images of them for their own privacy, content as such is kept to myself and those close to me. Information will still be provided of course because it's not like you can really... find a cat like you would a person. I just fear any wrongdoings happening to them.


It's tough to really know where to start here. I've had Lily, my tuxedo cat, for nearly 10 years now. As much as I like to wish it had been myself, some kids I knew on the block found her eating bread from the garbage bin behind my dad's apartment. She was small, frail, looked maybe only about a month or two old. She wasn't scared of us, so approaching her and petting her as she ate wasn't something that scared her off. Luckily, none of the other kids could keep her, and so she stayed at my dad's place for a while. She moved in with my mom and I a few months later and has stayed with me ever since.

She is relaxed and sweet. Lily works wonderfully well with people who annoy her, the worst injury I've ever had from her was a slight scar on my hand, but she only gently bites me to signal when she wants me to stop. She is a sweet old lady, really. Never was really playful, but she likes playing with and biting on my pens and pencils when I write and draw.

Lily has a habit of sleeping in various beds within the house, usually cycling between my own and my mother's. Often times I will find her curled up beside me in the mornings, and the moment she notices I am awake, she will get up in my face and purr like this is the last time she will.

She's very intelligent, too. As I write this, she's circling my feet. She knows it's almost time for dinner.

All of her paw pads are black.


Being a calico cat, it only adds onto the rarity of her situation considering she was born on Halloween night of 2015. She was originally listed on Kijiji for adoption, and since my mom had been wanting a calico cat for a while, we went with her. Funny, before we named her Echo, she was named "Bacon and Eggs". I thought it was a play on her looks being that of bacon and eggs, but the owner just said she was temporarily named after their breakfast. I still like that I thought that, though.

Echo has always been playful, even after all these years, she still has the mindset of a kitten. She is easily exciteable, and odd enough, easily scared, especially when there's noise or when I walk by her. She sort've just looks at me with her ears back or runs somewhere else. I've just chalked it up to strange cat anxiety. But whenever I'm not around to entertain her, she enjoys playing with Lily as best as she can (because, you know, Lily is a senior).

Her favourite spaces to hang out are on the various rugs in the house (specifically the shoemat at the backdoor) and on top of the 5ft tall cat tree placed next to my bedroom window.

Echo has a habit of kneading my shirts whenever she finds me laying down. She usually prefers it when I'm laying on my back so I can pet her too.

Her paw pads are a mixture of pink and black.

To make a friend takes a moment - To be a friend takes a lifetime.