Where do I begin? I found this band on accident, I can't quite remember how but I somehow managed to get down this tiny rabbit hole of obscure german post punk songs on Youtube and landed on this.

Die Atlantikschwimmer has only a tiny amount of history, that of which I won't go too deep on aside from leave their songs here. I have a desire to preserve them and show them to the world! As someone who speaks some german, I can't understand the majority of what they say and that is unfortunate! I've asked native speakers I know if they could make it out and there wasn't any luck. For now, they're just a weird, yet really amazing sounding mystery that intrigues me to no end.

This is their bandcamp where you can find Kasseto Fix, their first and their most documented piece of music.

Record Turnover did a small review on Kasseto Fix, which I just happened to find as I was searching for their content again.

Youtube playlist of Kasseto Fix, not made by myself.

I know they released another album, which as far as I'm aware has no title (or one that I could find), so I just call it the Blue Album. This is their second piece of music which I have yet to find all traces of.

A dated blog going over the Blue Album. Not much to it, sadly. But it does have the track listing!

The Blue Album, in the most glory I can display of it.

1) Komm Mit Mir

2) Der Tunnel

3) Film Mit Überlänge

4) Lage Der Nation (no recordings)

5) Sehnsucht (no recordings)

6) Herbst