Alright. Here's my own tiny directory, mainly inspired by the Peelopaalu directory, so props to them. Some links are taken directly from that directory, but others I've accumulated on my own! Here, you'll find a decent amount of timewasters, and other links that are useful, hopefully not only to myself. It's a mixed bag.


A Dark Room || A text adventure game.

Sokoban || Sokoban game hosted on Neocities.

Stray Heirs || Choose your own adventure game hosted on Neocities.

Wired Realms || 3D VR you can access on your PC.


My 90s TV || Interactive TV + remote showcasing clips from 90s television.

Old Computer Museum || Collection of old computers from the 50's to 90's.

Trilobites || Pretty self explanatory. Informational page about Trilobites.

(The Insideous) Bogleech || Not sure how to describe it. Enjoy!

DnD 3.5 Sheets/Books ||Free to use DnD 3.5 sheets.

Lainzine || Not-for-profit cyberpunk-themed zine.


HTML Cheatsheet || Learn HTML through cheats.

FSI Languages || Learn new languages.

The Language Lab || Better your English.

Smith Music || Learn a variety of instruments. Currently under construction due to maintenance issues.

Free Tech Books || Self explanatory.

Teach Yourself Computer Science || Self explanatory.

Nand2Tetris || Contains project materials and software tools necessary for building a general-purpose computer system from the ground up.

Lookup Tables || HTML codes are linked to this specific page, but the site itself is more ASCII orientated.


BIG HAIR RADIO || Hair metal radio because I enjoy this.

Radio Bloodstream || Rock + Metal radio.

Maximum Rock n' Roll || Music review site. Good place to find smaller bands.

Lainchan Radio || Self explanatory.

Cyber Radio || Self explanatory too.

MagicPlaylist || Find new music based off your favourite song.

Poolside FM || Songs :)

Jetset Radio || More music, baby.

David Bowie Wonderworld || A David Bowie fansite that is still active and has an early 2000s feel.


DIY Punk Database || As far as I'm aware, how to release music without being under a label.

Gif Files || Free to use gifs.

Gif Cities || More free to use gifs (includes search bar).

Glitter Graphics || Similar to Gif Cities, these gifs are grouped into categories.

Weather || I know, not very interesting... but it shows you a three day forecast in a nice format.

Infinite || Pirate movies, games, etc., unblock YouTube videos, etc...

Online Image Editor || Edit gifs.